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Skiing in Africa

Welcome to our travel blog!  We are a family of three – a mom, a dad and a boy. Our names are Bea, Pete & Kas. For a long time, we led very typical Canadian lives. We had a house on the Canadian prairie, busy professional lives, tight schedules and long to-do lists. We always loved to travel – a bug planted in us by our world-curious parents.  And travel we did, but mostly within the limits of school summer breaks or work holidays. But once we had our son, we realized we wanted to show him the world as our parents had shown it to us. We wanted to discover it with him. And so for the first few years of our son’s life, we traversed parts of North America and the Caribbean with him. But that was not enough. We were craving more. So a few years ago, we sold most of our worldly possessions and began our (re)discovery of Europe. And so far it’s been a magnificent string of adventures.

Our wanderlust can be divided into two categories. One, we are absolutely crazy bonkers about spending time in nature. We love hiking and camping and we do it as much as possible. Our ideal places for these activities will possess a forest, some mountains and hopefully a lake, a river or a stream. Second, we are mesmerized by civilizations, history, archeology, ancient peoples, other cultures and languages. So you will find us in cities, visiting museums and ancient sites, tasting regional foods and chatting with the locals. Sometimes, we spend a few days in one place. Sometimes we stay a lot longer. We like to step into the shoes of the locals. We want to see their hometowns through their own eyes. You learn so much more about a place from its inhabitants than from the guidebooks.

So far, since we began our exploration of Europe, we have traversed much of it and we have also dipped our toes in North Africa. But we have so many adventures still ahead of us, that I don’t think we can ever stop traveling. For the past few years, friends and family have been bugging us to start a blog and share our adventures with the world. But we’ve felt there’s enough travel blogs out there, why would anyone care to read ours? However, as time goes by and we gather our experiences and photos, we realize that a blog like this can also serve as a travel journal for our family. And if in the process we inspire others to travel a bit more, to meet people from other cultures, and to see the world through the eyes of another, then we’ve done our tiny bit of making the world a better place. Heaven knows, that we live in a crazy world today, and if through travel, we can all become a bit more tolerant and understanding of others’ perspectives, then there is hope for us yet as a species.

We’d love for you to join us as we share with you our stories. Some of our blogs will be as we travel and discover, others will be about voyages past. We’ll try to give you some practical advice in our blogs, as well, we will tell you stories of our experiences. Pete is an avid photographer, so we invite you to follow us on Instagram for the beautiful photos he takes of the places we visit. We hope you enjoy our stories and may they inspire wanderlust in all of you.

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  1. Wanda Dabrowska

    great site.Just read about Vatican City.Your blog makes me want to go there again. It has been many years since the previous visit. It is good to know how to get around, buy tickets etc. Likely include it in European trip.Thank you so much for info provided.

  2. Wanda Dabrowska

    What a great introduction. Love it.
    Will follow you and not only your posts,have already read some,
    but also your footsteps in travels.

    1. BPK BPK

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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