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vacation home rentals

Vacation Home Rentals: Unique Places We’ve Stayed At

Can’t decide between a vacation home rental and a hotel? When we travel we prefer to stay in vacation home rentals rather than in resorts. Why? We believe that discovering a place has several components. One, we...


Things I Learned Since Starting Blogging

Thinking of starting a blog?

Back in late 2017, my husband and I started a family travel blog. It didn’t just happen. It was more of a slow process of weighing pros and cons for months before we actually did it. We knew starting and...

Switzerland with Kids

Switzerland with Kids – 10 Places Swiss Families Love

Are you thinking of visiting Switzerland with kids? We love traveling with our son and we have visited this alpine country with him a few years ago. Switzerland is a veritable gem bursting at the seams with amazing nature and beautiful cities....