The Colourful Houses of Reykjavik: Photo Essay

colourful houses of Reykjavik

The Colourful Houses of Reykjavik

If you’ve ever been to the capital of Iceland, you will have noticed the colourful houses of Reykjavik in its downtown core. This kaleidoscope of colour is a welcome antidote to ofen cloudy days, even during the months of Midnight Sun (or polar day) when the sun never sets from May to August. You will find most of these colourful beauties on and near the street named Laugavegur.

We recently spent a whirlwind of eight days in Iceland and while there we walked through Reykjavik as often as possible. As a result, we have compiled this eye-catching photo essay for your viewing pleasure.

Have you been to Iceland? What were your impressions like? If you enjoyed this post, please comment below and share with your friends.

Þakka þér fyrir!


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colourful houses of Reykjavik

colourful houses of Reykjavik

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  1. Avatar Zoe

    How colourful and unique! I still need to visit Iceland.. one day i hope!

    1. Avatar BPK

      Yes, super colourful. These houses really make you smile on a cloudy day.

  2. Avatar Michelle (Lifejourney4two)

    What lovely splashes of colour! The houses look very much like many we’ve seen in Norway but the houses here tend to be white or red in the main. Great photos.

    1. Avatar BPK

      Thank you! Downtown Reykjavik was a definitely very colourful. And we are very much curious about Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Can’t wait to visit there!

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